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mullaloo beach, western australia photo by Neal Pritchard [Buy this print]

use our ozdirectory to find a reputable and experienced company to help get you to Australia.

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“We’re genuinely interested in helping people make a new life for themselves here. We offer a free no obligation helpline to assist anyone who’s serious about making the move to Australia, with dedicated experts across many areas.”

Darrell Todd, Founder of thinkingaustralia

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thinkingaustralia's team

Our team are experts who are on the ground in Australia and ready to help you make the move Down Under.

  • Darrell Todd Founder
  • Elizabeth Todd Founder
  • Omar Todd Social Media & IT Expert
  • Ray Brown Migration Partner
  • Anna Chou Migration Agent
  • Natalie Fung Migration Agent
  • Gai Denyer Migration Office Manager
  • Ray Scullion ASA Skills Assist Specialist & Partner
  • Neal Pritchard Photographer
  • Murray McKinley Finance Expert
  • Leanne Gibson Property Partner
  • Steve Gibson Property Partner
  • Nick Gibson News Editor Partner
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